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Facilities & Support

100% internship/job Placement opportunity.

Guaranteed 100% Credit Transfer to Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, UK and Others countries.

All exam papers ( except BTEB Computing) are set and marked from UK.

Where appropriate ,students ID card issued from the UK.

Attractive waiver for females and good academic background.

Cost effective and flexible way to gain UK degree.

MUC is located in the heart of the city. Close to public transport.

All class rooms are spacious, air conditioned and equipped with projector and other facilities.

A computer lab with broad band internet facilities.

A well stock library – books from around the world.

You receive continuous support through your study period (even afterwards) to help you achieve your full potential.

Student's counselors will deal with any problem or difficulties.

Regular feedback and tutorial in groups and one to one.

Regular mock exams – Our experienced tutors will help with mock examinations, so that you are well prepared and confident before your final exams

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