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Mornington College of Business

 Course Details:

Duration: 45 hours

Cost: Tk 4,500 with Ten FREE Mock Test.


Highly qualified, experienced and internationally certified IELTS/English Language Teachers.

Courses start: Every week.

Briefing on Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking Modules.

Extra care for weaker students.

Excellent environment with Multimedia Class Room.

Extra facilities for female students.

Morning, afternoon and evening batches.

Course materials are provided.

Crash programme will be offered to the students until their target score is achieved.

Fridays only for executives.

 Other Courses:

Crash Course: 4 days per week ( 4 Modules) Duration : 4 Weeks.

Single Module Course (Writing/Listening/Speaking/ Reading section ): 2 days per week

Duration : 1 Months

Overall Structure of 45 Hours IELTS Preparation Course: In Weekdays: (Duration: 12 Weeks)

Content of the course:

Module Content
Writing Task 1 and Task 2 preparation for both the General Training (GT) and Academic (AC) tests. Task 1 General Training (GT): Structure and language features. Types of letters: formal, informal, semiformal. Task 1 Academic (AC): Structure and language features. Types of tasks: graphs, charts, tables, procedures. Task 2 (GT and AC): Structure and language features. Essay types: argumentative, discussion, problem-solution. Tips and strategies Practice writing tests every week with detailed feedback from teachers More than 15 practice questions with sample answers
Reading Structure of the test Reading skills: scanning, skimming, and reading intensively. Tips and strategies Question types: multiple choice, short-answer, sentence completion, viewpoints, summary, diagrams, matching lists/phrases, etc. More than 15 practice reading exercises every week with suggested answers and feedback from teachers.
Listening Structure of the test Tips and strategies: Identifying key words Listening for details More than 10 practice listening exercises with suggested answers.
Speaking Structure of the test Tips and strategies Expanding answers Organizing ideas More than 15 practice speaking tests Extra speaking activities to improve fluency and pronunciation.

 By the end of the course you will:

Have a thorough understanding of the structure of the IELTS test and what it is expected from you as a test candidate,

Understand how each module is assessed,

Produce well-structured texts both for Task 1 and Task 2 for the General Training (GT) and Academic (AC),

Properly use the basic reading skills to find answers in passages more quickly,

Understand the different question types for the reading test and how to approach them,

Identify key words and listen for details in the listening module of the test,

Expand ideas and speak at length for the speaking test. Other Courses=Crash Course, General English