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Message from Board of Directors

We welcome you to Mornington University College (MUC) located in Sylhet, which is famous for its natural beauties and a 
historical relationship with many countries specifically with the UK. We are an approved delivery centre for many UK 
qualifications including The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) UK’s leading professional awarding body for 
qualifications in the specialist hospitality and tourism sector. Bangladesh Tourism and Hospitality Industry is growing 
rapidly creating demand for aspiring managers and leaders. We are also approved UK awarding organisation EDuQual   - 
giving students’ opportunity to study globally recognised Business, Marketing and accounting courses.   
Our collaborative link with Paris Graduate School , France is an unique opportunity for those wish to achieve  
international BBA and MBA.

We aim to provide an effective and outstanding learning environment by drawing on the contributions of talented 
educators, teachers and mentors from around the world. Our confident is originated by the enthusiastic encouragement 
of students, guardians, educators, government representatives and policy makers not only from Bangladesh but also 
from the international community. We are fully dedicated to deliver innovative, resourceful and career oriented 
courses to prepare our graduates for international higher education and employment.

We wish every success in your chosen career programme.

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