Our Vision

The vision of the Mornington University Collage (MUC) is to be one of internationally recognized business schools. We are dedicated to provide the most innovative, hands – on and results oriented learning facilities for students in Bangladesh.

Our Mission

The mission of this institute is to provide an effective and outstanding learning environment by drawing on the contributions of talented educators, teachers and mentors from around the world.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to integrate the most practical and effective learning resources from the rerouted academic centers of the world. We accomplish this by using our own innovative ways of partnering international institutions and awarding bodies.
Why Mornington University College?
You can gain hands – on and career focus skill by learning realistic concepts we practice in our classroom environments. By the time you graduate, you will be ready to start your chosen career.
We will give you the skills and the knowledge to succeed in the 21st Century.
You will enjoy the delivery of quality education as we are uncompromising in our pursuit for excellence. We strive for the highest quality standard in all aspects of the operations through our partnership with various institution and industries.

We bring internationally recognized qualifications locally, in order to allow you to materialize your dream without leaving home.

You can study in an educational environment created by a management team, trainers, mentors and guest teachers from national and international institutions.

Why do you need to pay huge tuition fee in the UK/USA?
To take care of this issue, we offer a cost –effective programme delivery system without compromising the quality.

Our Commitment to you

Mornington University College (MUC) Sylhet, Bangladesh is led and managed by a team of international educators particularly from the UK. The goal of this university is to provide the high qualify students for jobs after completing their relevant courses.

We deliver cost effective courses which reflect the need of industry and business. The courses we deliver ensure that our participants will be benefited continually from our international team.

Our commitment to you:

To maintain an internationally recognized educational environment.
To continue research and development in education, training and teaching methods drawing on worldwide educational systems.
To provide innovative programmes and competitive course fee.
To prepare our students for the real world, while they will have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews, salary negotiations and CV writing activities.